Inspired by Maddox the Missing Min Pin!

Maddox is a very special male miniature pinscher who was lost Christmas Eve while visiting OKC from Los Angeles. Maddox is loyal, loving, and dedicated to his Momma & Daddy. Jackie & Maddox's story is inspirational to all who understand the unconditional love our pets give us. After three months extended leave, Jackie has had to leave OKC and go back to LA but she will never give up on her search. Jackie's love and devotion for Maddox have inspired "Team Maddox", an organized team of 25 Jackie created to continue the search for Maddox in Oklahoma City, OK and surrounding areas.

Rudy is Delaware's Dog. He was lost in Newark, Delaware on December 25, 2011 by the petsitter one hour after his parents left him to take a desperately needed vacation. He is a very loyal and loving miniature dachshund. John and Donna returned to Delaware, forfeiting their non-refundable cruise to begin the Search for Rudy, which continues more than a year later.

John, Donna, and Rudy's journey is inspirational to others who have lost pets. They have not stopped trying to bring their boy home; displaying the mutual loyalty and unconditional love that they feel for one another. Rudy's lost adventure has resulted in many dogs (including 19 dachshunds) being rescued via John and Donna's persistant efforts to bring him home. Rudy's mom, Donna has initiated a local lost dog awareness/educational campaign and she was an active participant in the Delaware Animal Welfare Taskforce. Rudy being lost, combined with Donna's persistant pleas for statewide assistance for him and for other lost pets has resulted in the Delaware Animal Welfare Taskforce's recommendation that a statewide lost and found pet registry (database) be formed.

Rudy's mom and dad say they won't stop looking for their dear little guy; "we love you Rudy!"

Bridgett Missing in Littleton, MA. since Thanksgiving, 2011.

Hi! My name is Bridgett. I am an 8 year old Siberian husky, who got silly and dug out under the fence. I got spooked and bolted. Mom has been looking for me, night and day, for over a year. She knows where I am, but I stay in the woods mostly. Sometimes I get seen and people call to tell her where I am. That's a miracle because the towns keep taking down my lost posters. I need everyone's help so that people don't forget about me. Please care and share my story. I really want to go home.Thank Aroooooo! Bridgie Gidge

Kane Missing in Inglewood Community, Nasville, TN Saturday, December 1, 2012.