Help Bring Bridgett Home!

PLEASE call when sighted 978-853-4087!
Please put my number in your cell phone NOW!

My name is Bridgett. I am a gray and white, female, Siberian husky and have been missing from Littleton, MA. for 17 months. I want to go home to my mom. Please help me!

The Sunday after Thanksgiving, 2011, I dug under the fence and shimmied to the other side. It seemed like a great idea at the time. I didn't go far. I just wanted to play and explore the neighborhood. My humans came outside right away. I was kind of nervous cuz I didn't know if they wanted to play, or if I was in trouble, or what. They seemed really nervous, too. One of my humans shook a treat bag and called my name. That spooked me so much that I ran, ran, ran, until I couldn't run anymore. That's how I got so lost.

For six years I lived in a puppy mill and had lots of puppies. I didn't have much room to move, and the humans were always angry. When they were done with me, they dumped me at a high kill shelter. I was rescued, and pretty soon my "real" mom came. We loved each other right away.

I am wicked shy and don't trust anyone except my Humom, so DO NOT TRY TO CATCH ME. I will freak out, and will run... maybe out onto the street where I could get hit by a car. Please take my picture, instead. CALL or TEXT my mom, 978-853-4087, as soon as you think you see me. Don't wait until later. I want to go home and be with her. Please Help me. Husky hugs and Thank- ARooooooo! Bridgie Gidge J

*Bridgett has a large territory which includes S. Acton, Maynard, N. Sudbury and W. Concord, MA.


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