My name is Kane!

We are trying to get the word out about our stolen Kane.
The more we share his story, the better our chances get!

On Saturday, December 1, Hurrikane "Kane" our eight month old English Bulldog escaped out of our privacy fence on Tanglewood Drive in the Inglewood community. We immediately started looking for him, talking to neighbors, and posting flyers.

We managed to put together a timeline based on neighbor sightings. Apparently he was headed back home and was last spotted on our street around 11:30 but then his trail went cold. We went to Animal Control around 2 pm to make sure he wasn't picked up.

On the way back home we noticed someone removed the first flyer we posted. Over the next few days, fourteen flyers were removed from one specific pole. The last time a flyer was removed from this pole was on Wednesday, December 5, around 2:00 pm. Soon after, at the corner of Haysboro and Tanglewood, a passerby spotted Kane with a lady said to have short dark hair. The lady told the passerby that he was her dog. We immediately jumped in the car and went down to the corner but the lady and Kane had already disappeared. We didn't hear much about Kane until the following Tuesday, December 11, when we received an email from a lady who spotted Kane with a woman by the name of Ann/Anna at the Turnip Truck in East Nashville (5 Points). She did not know he was stolen at the time. She had a conversation with the lady who had Kane and the woman told her she worked for a rescue in the Nashville/Inglewood area. However, when asked, she would not name which rescue. This Ann/Anna is between 5'5 and 5'7, slender, had a dark bob-style hair cut with a red streak in it, she is in her 20's and was with a man in his late 30's/early 40's, they were in a gray older model beat up ford pickup truck. Ann/Anna told the lady she had named Kane "Rocky". Tuesday night, December 11th, around 7:00 pm we received a phone call from a "blocked" number from what sounded like a younger male. He said he had Kane and was at the Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market on Gallatin Rd. He said he would wait for us and he would be in a black Silverado Chevy truck. Of course, we went to pick up Kane but when we arrived there was no one there. No truck matching that description at all. Since then we have posted ads all over the internet and have received numerous calls and emails from people trying to help. There is a reward for any information that leads to Kane's return. We just want him home where he belongs. Kane has allergies and is on a special diet and needs his medication. He was approximately 52 pounds on the day he disappeared he is not micro chipped and he is not neutered. Kane's body is red brindle or "tiger stripped," his head and paws are white, his ears are brindle and white and he has a brindle mark by his left eye. He had on a sparkly blue collar with all of our contact information when he went missing. The woman mentioned above may or may not have Kane at this point, if she really does work with a rescue or rescue animals on her own he may be with a foster. This woman may also have sold him by this time. We ask that everyone keep an eye out for him and contact us immediately with the location if they spot him and any other information they may be able to collect. If anyone has any information on Kane, you may contact us at 931-931-0231, 615-517-5478 or email us at