What to do if you have lost your dog...

  • Take a DEEP BREATH, remain CALM, and think POSITIVELY! I know it is easier said than done but your baby needs you to remain calm and respond QUICKLY! Most pets are located within 24 hours if you act immediately.

  • If your pet is microchipped, call the Microchip company immediately!

  • Make a flier with a current picture of your pet, and ALWAYS include city, state and your phone number. Don't waste valuable time making people have to ask how to reach you or where the pet went missing....just include the info right on your poster. Keep it short and simple. And use multi-colored posters (Red, Yellow, Black, White are best colors to use)

  • Create a FACEBOOK PAGE for your MISSING PET with photos and all info, so all comments, updates and links lead to that page - post the link to the page on ALL posts, along with contact info!!!! And SHARE with all FB pages in the area including local Rescues, local Shelters, National Pet pages, Breed specific pages, etc especially those that have high traffic and any local pet related businesses. ... and join any local FB groups or Breed specific groups that are pet related to share your missing Pet with them!!
  • Download Our List Of Facebook Sites (WORD)
    View Our List Of Facebook Sites (PDF)

  • Post on Craigslist under Community/Pets AND Community/Lost and Found. Make sure to REPEAT the listing a few times a week!

  • Make sure to check all local shelters & give them flyers!! Best to go in person vs just calling. Very Important to check the shelters IN PERSON every other day at least. A call is not good enough especially for shelters that have a high volume of intakes. Or if you have a breed of dog that could easily be mislabeled.

  • Place an Ad in the Local Newspaper.

  • There is strength in numbers! Gather your friends and neighbors to spread out and pass the word:
    • Post flyers at major intersections within 5 mile radius.
    • Post flyers on telephone poles in neighborhoods.
    • Tag several vehicles with flyers. This is mobile advertising. You can even write something on windows using a grease pencil if waiting on getting flyers printed.
    • Pair up in teams and split up the area to talk to neighbors & go door to door.
    • Visit local businesses to ask permission to post a flier. (Convenience & Grocery Stores, Banks, Schools, Parks, etc.)
    • Take flyers to all Veterinarians & Pet Hospitals in the area.
    • Take flyers to all local Animal Rescues & Shelters in the area.
    • Post flyers at all local pet stores (Petsmart, Petco & any local pet boutiques)
    • Use community networking: Does your homeowners/local development have an email list or website? Post your pet's info right away.

  • Get creative & Go big to spread the word!!
    • Billboards are very effective. Lamarpostr.com has a design your own billboards that are very affordable. Bigger billboards will be more expensive.
    • Contact all Local News Stations & your Local News Paper to try to get them to do a story. If you have a touching and unique story they will sometimes run the story.
    • Consider doing a calling service where they call all residents within a cetian mile radius about your Missing Pet. Recommend Lostmydoggie.com
    • Consider doing a mailing service to mail post cards within a certain mile radius. The postage is expensive but this is very effective.

  • Share your missing pet on as many missing pet websites as possible. There are so many missing pet lists that it can be overwhelming to keep track of where your pet has been posted but exposure for your lost pet is important so post on as many as you can.
  • Download Our List Of Web Sites (WORD)
    View Our List Of Web Sites (PDF)

  • NEVER EVER GIVE UP.. EVER!! Most common reason why Lost Pets are NEVER found is because their owners give up too soon. If your baby is an extreme roamer it might take months or even years to find them but they are STRONG & SMART & TOUGH & HAVE SURVIVAL SKILLS that will amaze you!

**Special Thanks to BRING RUDY HOME for sharing the list of websites with us**