My name is Rudy


PLEASE DO NOT CHASE! Call when sighted 302-437-5112!
Please put my number in your cell phone.

I am an 8 year old, male, neutered, 11-12 lb. Dachshund. My hair is reddish-brown, smooth, and short.

I got lost in Newark, Delaware and I want to go home. I ran and was chased by the person who was supposed to be watching me while my mom and dad went away.

When I wouldn't stop running because I was scared, she got others to chase me and it scared me more.I am afraid of people that I don't know.

If you see me, please call my mom and dad immediately (302) 437-5112. Follow me or stay with me until my mom and dad arrive, but PLEASE DON'T CHASE ME!

Please help me to get home!

Please like/share my page with others. If you also do Twitter, please retweet my information.

I'm so little that I need everyone possible watching for me.


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Rudy LOVES to share his smile with the world! Please take a close look at this gallery!


Check back often for updates from Rudy's Mom!

Rudy in the News

The search for Rudy has attracted National attention. Click here to see more! owns this domain, which has been donated to Rudy's mother and father.

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